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Why Should I Choose an Inspector from the Summit Network?

property inspection reportInspectors in the Summit Systems Network are among the most highly trained in the private fee-paid inspection profession.  All are full-time inspectors who consistantly strive to perform at the top of their profession. Several Inspectors in the Network can document well over fifteen years experience in home and building inspection.  Several, also, hold advanced certifications in home and commercial building inspection from respected certifying bodies.  In addition, several Members are distinguished Members and Officers of the most respected professional organizations for Home Inspectors.

The Summit System, which each Member of the network uses in the operation of their business, is a very powerful software-based system that is Licensed to each Member of the Summit System Network.  The Summit System is NOT a franchise.  With the Summit Property Inspection System, each Member can expertly manage their own unique inspection business, while writing clear and concise narrative reports that even the most novice readers easily understand.

The System began as a collaboration of one of the top software engineers in the home inspection profession and a veteran home inspector with substantial experience in creating and writing home inspection reporting systems.  Over the past ten years, contributions from inspectors whose cumulative experience exceeds 150 years, have strengthened and enhanced the System. The System is dynamic in that it is constantly changing, improving and growing to reflect the changes in building practices throughout the United States, as well as continuing advancements in the practice of home inspection.

Anyone in need of the services of a home or or commercial building inspector will be well advised to seek out an Inspector Member of the Summit System Network the next time they are contemplating buying or selling a home or a commercial building.

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